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My name is Chris Roglen. I am a 2010 Rocky Mountain High School (Ft.Collins, CO) graduate. I began working with Coach Hazlett in October of 2002. I was in pretty bad shape as hitters go. But he encouraged me to use my athletic ability and trust him. He changed everything but my name. He broke down my swing flaws and built them up with fundamentals and positive reinforcement. He also introduced me to going to the plate with an approach. He taught me what to look for and why. Coach Haz also has helped me with my outfield play, throwing, and base running. I have played as a starting outfielder for the last 3 Rocky Mountain High School State Championships. I have been fortunate to be selected to play for the Ohio Warhawks, the 2009 Reds Area Code Baseball Team, and the Angels Elite fall team. In February 2010, I committed to Santa Barbara City College to play baseball and on June 9th 2010, the Texas Rangers selected me in the 43rd round of the MLB draft. Coach Hazlett’s methods work. I am living proof. I came to him raw and inexperienced. Whether I play baseball in college or sign a pro contract, I wouldn’t have either opportunity without Coach Hazlett’s guidance and mentorship. --Chris Roglen


My name is Shondra Schlichenmayer. I am a women's softball coach at Aiken Technical College in Aiken South Carolina. Before my recent switch to coaching I played softball at Otero Junior College and then transferred to Division 1 College of Charleston. In high school I was always known as a “contact hitter” I was never considered a “power hitter.” After I graduated high school I began to work with Coach Hazlett and I knew my swing would never be the same. He began to tweak, adjust and modify my swing. In only a few sessions I could tell a major difference. As he continued to help me develop my fundamentals he was also helping me grow mentally. As my swing began to take shape Coach Hazlett frequently asked me the question WHY. Not only did he work on ALL the physical mechanics of my swing he also wanted me to understand the reasons behind it. In a few months I went from just a contact hitter to a feared power hitter. In my freshmen year at Otero I hit 17 home runs and had a batting average over.350. In my sophomore year I lead the Nation in home runs with 23 and also received an All American Award. After I transferred to the College of Charleston I was able to maintain a batting average above .325. In my senior year I was one of the batting average leaders in the conference. Now that I coach in college I find myself implementing some of the same drills and tactics that Coach Hazlett instilled in me. I know from both personal and now coaching experience that his methods work!! --Shondra Schlichenmayer "Coach Slick"


My name is Anna Gerhard. I will be a sophomore this coming fall at Loveland High School, and will return to the varsity softball team. I also play for Loveland Rage 14U Anderson during the spring/summer season. When I am not playing catcher, I am a designated hitter. I am generally known for my power at the plate and also have a knack for hitting in clutch situations. During my 2008 summer softball season, shortly after returning from a knee injury, I hit a slump and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, that's when I met Steve. He was able to break down my swing and teach me exactly what I was doing wrong in a way that I could understand it. Unlike most coaches Steve taught me how to fix my mistakes by asking me questions and showing me the reasoning behind his thoughts. His coaching method was very important to my development as a hitter because he taught me to ask myself the right questions in order to adjust in a game situation. Like many athletes I also had trouble with keeping my confidence level up when something didn't go exactly how I wanted it to. Steve taught me the importance of mental toughness and helped me develop a different mindset to approach the game with. He is a phenomenal coach with an incredible amount of patience and skill. He's truly talented and I will continue to look to him for advice and help. I am going into my fourth season working with Steve and can't wait for the many seasons to come! --Anna Gerhard



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