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Are you looking for an advantage over the competition? Or, maybe just looking to improve your technique? Either way, ProSwing Hitting is for you. Steve Hazlett, owner and instructor, played professional baseball for 8 years after highly successful collegiate and high school careers. Steve knows the mechanics of an effective and productive swing and can help put it into practice and application for anyone. Baseball, softball, golf - the mechanics are transferable. Put ProSwing Hitting to work for you and gain the edge you've been looking for.

ProSwing Hitting delivers championship quality instruction to young athletes of all levels. This proven instruction teachs the mechanics of an effective and productive swing.

ProSwing Hitting will break down your swing flaws; use fundamentals & hitting drills to build your skills; show you drills to find your power; give you the confidence at the plate to get it done. In only a few sessions you can expect to see results..

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